Gratitude Day Eight

!I am grateful for my mother-in-law. What a champion woman. So generous and thoughtful. Such a wonderful person. My life and my childrens life is so much more full with her. What a blessing to this planet. Thank you Libby.

Grateful Day Six

I am grateful to my parents for my life. I owe them everything I have or will have. For all our disagreements and agreements I have never stopped nor will I ever stop being grateful to them for my life. Tjank you ma & pa.

Grateful Day Five

I am grateful for the country I grew up and the country I now call home. The two are both democracies of differing systems. However, at their core, legislatively and culturally, both are built on the idea that each person is created equal and entitled to express themselves however they might choose as long as it does not infringe or hinder  on someone else’s freedom of expression or jeopardise the safety or well being of someone else or a group of people. I am grateful for these countries and what they represent and offer.

Gratitude Day 3

I am so grateful for my two children. I can’t imagine life without them and though new additions to my life it feels like I have known them my entire existence. They are both so wonderful and I am so honoured and blessed to know them and to be there dad. They make me so happy. Thank you Bodhi. Thank you Sailor. 

Gratitude Day 2

I am grateful for this planet to exist and bring my life and all life as we know through the centillion copies and beneficial mutations that have lead us here to this existence now. This planet is our mother and all who have ever been living here owe their gratitude to this planet. I make no apologies for being demanding of this gratuity to earth without it you, I and all that have come before or may come after owe everything to this planet. I thank you Earth.